Pet Surgery FAQs

If our Clovis vet uncovers a problem with your pet during an annual exam that requires surgery, we’ll take time to fully explain the procedure and the reasons why we recommend this course of action for treatment. These FAQs compiled by Clovis Pet Hospital, serving the Fresno and Clovis area, help answer questions pet owners often have about surgery for dogs and cats.

Pet Surgery FAQs

Will my pet need anesthesia for its surgical procedure?

Anesthesia is used for most surgeries involving dogs and cats as it keeps pets calm and comfortable for the duration of their treatment and prevents them from feeling pain. Your pet will undergo a comprehensive exam and blood tests before having surgery to ensure it’s healthy enough to undergo the procedure. Your pet will also be closely monitored while under anesthesia throughout the surgery to ensure it’s okay.

How do I prepare my pet for surgery?

Our Clovis vet will explain what to expect from the surgery and give you instructions on how you can prepare your pet. For example, your pet shouldn’t eat anything at least 12 hours before the procedure. We also recommend keeping your pet calm and relaxed when you bring him or her in. 

Is pet surgery risky?

All surgeries pose a measure of risk, even routine procedures. The key to minimizing those risks is working with a skilled veterinarian with ample experience in the surgery your pet needs. At Clovis Pet Hospital, you can count on exemplary surgical care from our staff to increase your pet’s chances of having a safe and successful procedure.

When will my pet be able to come home after surgery?

For routine surgeries like spay/neuter procedures, pets are generally allowed to return home the same day. Otherwise, we may recommend your pet stay at least one night for observation to ensure there are no ill effects from the anesthesia or complications from the procedure.

What’s required for post-op care for my pet?

We’ll give you complete instructions for post-op home care and provide medication to keep your pet comfortable during recovery. We may use laser therapy during post-op veterinary visits to help expedite your pet’s healing. Rest, healthy food, and preventative care will help your pet recuperate its health and strength.

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At Clovis Pet Hospital, surgery is one of the many services we provide to enhance your pet’s health. Whether you want to schedule an annual exam, preventative care, medical care, or surgery and laser therapy treatment, contact our Clovis and Fresno vet at 559-297-1222 today for all your pet care needs.

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