Pet Dental Care

Just like pet owners need to maintain good dental health, so, too, do their pets. Whether it's a dog or cat, both are susceptible to dental disease, which can be stressful and painful for your pet. When left undetected, dental issues can lead to serious health conditions. Clovis Pet Hospital in Clovis, CA, recommends routine dental exams for your pets for optimal oral health.

Pet Dental Care

What Is Dental Disease in Pets?

Dental disease can begin early on in a dog or cat's life. It is caused when tartar, bacteria, and plaque buildup on your pet's teeth. The buildup of these materials will eventually make its way beneath the gum line, where it remains trapped. The trapped materials and bacteria can enter the bloodstream, leading to internal health problems.

Signs of Dental Disease

Several signs of early dental disease include gums that are red and swollen, the teeth showing a yellow color from tartar buildup, and an unpleasant odor that emanates from your pet's breath. Other signs such as a decreased appetite, irritability, and tiredness can also signal that your pet is experiencing pain from prolonged dental problems.

It's important for pet owners to recognize these signs as potential dental issues so pets can receive immediate attention. If your pet hasn't received a dental checkup and dental issues aren't diagnosed and treated, it can lead to infected and inflamed gums and diseased teeth accompanied by chronic pain. 

Dental Care Check-Up

When bringing your pet to the vet for an initial dental checkup, several steps may be taken to get an accurate diagnosis. Blood is usually drawn to test for any underlying conditions. X-rays are part of a dental checkup to alert the vet to potential or actual issues. Teeth cleaning to remove tartar and plaque and cleaning beneath the gum line are also part of the services provided by the veterinarian. 

To lessen the stress of dental procedures, a general anesthetic may be used to calm the pet, which allows the vet to provide the necessary services. Depending on the procedure, pain medication may be prescribed.

Dental Homecare

Along with regularly scheduled visits to the pet hospital for dental checkups, there are two things pet owners can do to help avoid dental diseases. The first is to use specially formulated toothpaste just for pets to brush their teeth. There are also dental products that pets can ingest to support oral hygiene. 

Schedule an Appointment

When your dog or cat needs a preventative dental checkup or needs help with a bothersome dental issue, a visit to our pet hospital to see one of our professional veterinarian staff is the answer. Contact Clovis Pet Hospital Monday through Saturday to schedule an appointment at (559) 297-1222. We are conveniently located in Clovis, CA and near the Fresno, CA, community.


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