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Dogs and cats can suffer from allergies. Unlike people, signs that they have allergies appear in ways you may not expect. Most of the time, these allergies can be successfully treated by a veterinarian. If your furry friend is suffering from allergies and you live in or around Fresno and Clovis, contact our team at Clovis Pet Hospital. Let’s look at some of the questions that we run into regarding pet allergies.


What Causes Allergies in Pets?

Pets are allergic to numerous substances. The most common are insect bites, pollen, mold, dust, chemicals in laundry detergent or air fresheners, perfumes, plastic food bowls, tobacco smoke, specific foods, ingredients in foods, and prescription drugs.

Can Pets Get Seasonal Allergies?

Dogs and cats can get seasonal allergies, similar to what people get. They are allergic to pollen, as well as other substances that tend to increase in warmer weather, like insect bites and mold.

What are the Symptoms of Allergies in Pets?

The most common symptom is very itchy skin. Other common symptoms include chronic ear infections from scratching, diarrhea, vomiting, bloating, more gas than usual, noisy breathing, snoring (if your pet has never snored before), sneezing or coughing more than usual, and runny eyes or nose. Some dogs get hyperactive. It may hurt your pet when you touch him or her, so be ready for your pet to bite or scratch in self-defense.

Can Pets Be Allergic to More Than One Thing?

Pets can be allergic to multiple things. Discovering them all can be a challenge.

How are Allergies in Pets Treated?

Try to get rid of the allergen bothering your pet. Your veterinarian may also prescribe medication. This may include antibiotics if your pet has scratched his or her skin open. Your pet may need dietary changes as well. If oral medication does not help, then your pet may need allergy shots, similar to the allergy shots that people get.

Can I Give My Allergy Pills to My Pet?

You should never give medication or eye drops meant for people to pets. The drugs are often far too strong for your pet to handle. You could end up poisoning your pet.

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